Presenters - Darren Kierman

Radio Echo is currently not operating while problems with accommodation are being resolved by the NHS Trust.

Every Sunday (2 - 4pm)

Join me every Sunday afternoon, as I (and sometimes a Guest) entertain you for the best 2 hours of your weekend.

The show is a mixture of music, chat and some amazing features (exclusive to Radio Echo, mainly because no one else wants them!) including ...

  • What's the time according to the clock on the wall? (It's a radio control clock, which means it's always right)
  • The Tedious Link (We play 3 or 4 songs together with a link - can you guess the link?)
  • The Cover Version (We play the original and a cover of a song - which do you prefer?)
  • On this day in History (Doesn't really need an explaination)
  • CD Russian Roulette (Where we pick a random CD from our music library, and pick a song at random)

While we're on air, you can ring the studio on 01228 814119 for your requests, mentions and dedications.