We are Radio Echo

Radio Echo is currently not operating while problems with accommodation are being resolved by the NHS Trust.

Radio Echo has been broadcasting programmes to the Cumberland Infirmary for over 50 years.  We started as a service for football fans, by providing live commentary from Carlisle United’s home matches.  Later on, music programmes were introduced.  We try to cater for the tastes of the ‘typical’ patient by providing easy listening rather than the latest chart music.

Radio Echo is on Channel 5 of the Hospedia bedside console, and the service is entirely free.

The station broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a regular news bulletin on the hour.   We broadcast live programmes during the evening and on Sunday afternoons.  We will be happy to play any music requested at the earliest opportunity (but this will depend on when a presenter is available).

There is always a live programme on a Thursday evening, and one of our members visits the wards during the day to collect requests.  Messages can also be left on our answer phone:  01228 814119 (extension 14119 within the hospital), but it may be a day or so before anyone is in the studio to pick them up.

The station is entirely staffed by volunteers, and financed by our own subscriptions and through fundraising or donations.  We welcome new volunteers, but they must be over 18 and will have to go through the new procedures for recruitment.  Application should be made to secretary@radio-echo.org.uk.  We regret that we are not able to provide work experience.

Many of our volunteers have been in hospital themselves and know the value of a friendly voice during such times. Our aim is to be that friend by your bedside.